Sunday, 30 June 2013


Our gang's chosen theme for Gay Pride 2013 was '1920s black and white Art Deco'. Given the recent media obsession with The Great Gatsby and this year's official theme of 'Love and Marriage', I think it worked very well.

In his message for Pride day (writing about the Equal Marriage Bill), Prime Minister David Cameron said: "There will be girls and boys in school today who are worried about being bullied and concerned about what society thinks of them because they are gay or lesbian. By making this change they will be able to see that Parliament believes their love is the same as anyone else's love and that we believe in equality.

"I think this will enable them to stand that bit taller, be that bit more confident and I am proud of that."

London Community Pride patron Martina Navratilova: "Once you have equal marriage and rights and have full equality under the law it just validates you and makes prejudice that is overt impossible.

"In the US, for example, in 29 states you can be fired for being gay or fired if your employer thinks you are gay.

"So it’s not about marriage itself. It’s about equal rights overall. Marriage represents that. Once you can get married then nobody can say “you can’t do this because you are gay”. Or fire me for being gay. That’s what marriage represents. It’s much more than just marriage."

We were proud to be there. Proud to be dressed extravagantly. Proud to be loud and "in yer face". Proud to be a part of such a huge throng of thousands upon thousands of people. Proud to hold hands and kiss in the streets of the greatest city in the World. Proud of our own achievements, and those of others who fought their battles before us. Proud to be amongst good friends.

Yesterday's Gay Pride was great day.


  1. It was a fantabulosa day, and one which I wouldn't miss for the world! Love the whole thing but being with such lovely friends, standing up for what's right, means such a lot to me xx

    Thank for using some of my piccies in your blog... love the one of you all with Baby Steve at the front; its my favourite of the whole day!

    Here's my blog btw...


    1. It was indeed a fantabulosa day - and we looked magnificent! I loved it... Jx

      PS fab blog, too!

  2. A lovely day as ever - Pride is always one of the highlights of the year and the weather Gods smiled on us this year - I have spent today chilled, relaxing and with sunburnt cheeks ;) x

    1. Gay Xmas, dear - always the absolute highlight of the Season..!

      I have been feeling a little wan today (as is to be expected, having maintained myself on little else but champagne, nicotine and adrenaline for fourteen hours), but still basking in the afterglow of a stupendous occasion. Jx

  3. A truly wonderful day. We all look fabulous and as per usual, the sun came out to celebrate too! How we're going to top that next year I'll never know ;-).

    1. Funny - we always say that, and yet every year we manage to pull together something remarkable! Jx

  4. Replies
    1. It took weeks of painstaking glueing to get all those diamantes onto the jacket! I think it was worth it... Jx


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