Wednesday, 27 December 2017

A little guts and lots of glitter

How life should be.

It's that "bit in-between", folks. The weather is foul; all cold winds and sleet. The shops (even in "Chav Central" aka Wood Green) are not especially busy, despite the half-price sales that have inevitably started everywhere. Methinks most people have wisely opted to stay indoors and mong out on leftovers while watching crap TV; unfortunately that includes the Demon Spawn from Hell upstairs, whose screeching and crashing began at 6am today! Oh, golly gosh, I said. As you might imagine...

Having missed out on our regular Tacky Music Monday this week thanks to the bloody Festering Season, I think it only right that we mark the fact it would have been the 90th birthday of the fantabulosa Denis Quilley yesterday - and cheer ourselves up with a healthy dose of feathers, foof and faff. Don't you?

Take it away, girls!

We are what we are, and what we are is an illusion.
We love how it feels
Putting on heels causing confusion.
We face life though it's sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter;
Face life, with a little guts and lots of glitter.
Look under our frocks: Girdles and jocks,
Proving we are what we are!

Amen to that...

Denis Clifford Quilley, OBE (26th December 1927 – 5th October 2003)


  1. What did they light the stage with? Flashlights (torches)?

    1. It's the Olivier Awards. They don't want to wake the audience. Jx


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