Thursday, 28 December 2017

Denker! Spratt! Where's my gin?

It's Dame Maggie Smith's birthday!

All hail, bitches...


  1. All I've heard is that there IS a DA movie in the works & Maggie signed on.
    Where the fuck is it? I'm on life support over here!

    1. Like so many of these things, let's wait and see if it ever happens. Stupid idea, in my opinion, since the series concluded rather neatly and I am not sure how much more mileage they can wring out of it. As Dame Maggie herself has said: “She’s gotta drop down dead at some point... Violet must be about 110, logically, in the thing.” Jx

  2. A Stupid idea maybe but we will both be at the head of a very long queue to see it, if it ever happens.

  3. Oh and happy birthday Dame Maggie


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