Friday, 15 December 2017

Come on and do it do it do it

The dreaded Festering Season is almost upon us with a vengeance. Tinsel, glitter and Shakin' Bloody Stevens are everywhere. Last night it was the office "do", and there is just one full week of joy in the office before we disappear into our own little worlds and emerge the other side in 2018. The sooner the better!

It's time once again to get ourselves in a party mood, nevertheless [and we have a proper party tonight, as it is Our Sal's sparkly birthday bash!], in the glittering company of the eternally tacky Legs and Co, flinging themselves around to the coolest-of-cool of dance choons - and to Thank Disco It's Friday!

Bohannon, Bohannon, Bohannon - we salute you.

Have a faboo weekend, dear reader!


  1. Thank you for reminding me just how rubbish the 70s could be !
    The music is rather fab though but not them.

    1. Legs and Co were the height of sophistication back then. Them and the Black & White Minstrels, of course. Jx


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