Tuesday, 26 December 2017

All Hulot's Day

Oh! Thank fuck for that; it's all over. Of course, the "Festering Season" will still plague us for a while yet, with "jolly" music and bloody-tinsel-clad-everything well beyond its shelf-life, all through the (inevitable) sales and beyond - until, that is, the shelves are cleared for Valentines/Easter/whatever come the middle of January...

Time, methinks, for a little trip into Monsieur Hulot's subtly satirical world, with this little slice of 60s fabulousness - and to lose ourselves in a little easy listening interlude, courtesy of the faboo Soft Tempo Lounge:

Music: Night Side by Henry Mancini and his Orchestra

Ah, that's better.


  1. 60s fabulousness indeed. I need a bit of escapism at the moment with the evil monster child upstairs screaming and stomping about.

    Now let me grab our passports and Hermès head scarves

    1. ...and of course, a Mancini album on the eight-track cartridge player! Jx


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