Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The magic of the Moog

I've been listening to writer and broadcaster Andrew Collins' rather faboo four-part series on electronic music The Great Bleep Forward on BBC Radio 6 Music.

It's a fab retrospective of a genre of music I particularly love - and features everything from the Teleharmonium to Wendy/Walter Carlos to Tangerine Dream to Robert Moog to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to Brian Eno to Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, the Human League, OMD, Depeche Mode, Trevor Horn, House music and beyond.

And, just because... Here's a mix of oddities I have chosen, for your delectation, from that great "bleeping" world of artificial soundscapes:



  1. I love a bit of bleep! Thanks for bringing "Fade to Love" to my attention - I'm a fan of "Fade to Grey", and this Robin Skouteris Mix is a fab update.

    1. If you like a bit of bleep, I suggest you try and catch Mr Collins' programme on iPlayer; it's very good! And yes, Mr Skouteris is a master of the mash-up, and (needless to say) I have featured him before - here. Jx

  2. Replies
    1. Feel the rain like an English summer
      Hear the notes from a distant song
      Stepping out from a back shop poster
      Wishing life wouldn't be so long
      Devenir gris
      Aaah, we fade to grey (fade to grey)



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