Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nauja muzika

New(er) music time again! And no, I am not even "going there", as far as either Girls Aloud or Mr Robbie Williams are concerned. Instead, I'll make my entrance again with my usual flair...

"I'm just shakin' my ass. I'm just shaking my derrière!" Such is the mantra of this delightfully refined young lady by the name of Jenn D, in her debut single Lose It. Quite catchy, actually, in a slightly ridiculous sort of way:

Its man-flesh all the way once more, courtesy of our fave houseboy band Kazaky, and another extravagant video for their new single Last Night. They've chosen a slightly more funky feel to this song, yet, as with every choon from the boys, it soon gets under your skin without realising it. I wish they would!

The rather cute Kid Kasio has really taken a trip back to the 80s with his latest number Telephone Line! It's like House and Hip-Hop never happened...

Here's something that simply oozes "cool". The debut track from a duo calling themselves Solomon Grey, Firechild, is accompanied by an equally hypnotic video, too. Intriguing stuff:

Speaking of cool, Miss Tracey Thorn (she of the legendary Everything But The Girl) is releasing a Xmas/winter seasonal album! Hopefully Tinsel and Lights will not quite be in the Perry Como/Johnny Mathis market, and if this White Stripes cover is anything to go by, it may be quite bearable - it's In the Cold, Cold Night:

Thanks to my fab friends in Tingle in the Netherlands, here's a real treat! The "angry young man" of the alternative gay ("queercore") music scene, the very lovely Mr Ste McCabe (who we met at Polari back in 2010) has a new album out. It's called Bad Kitty, it's wonderful, and here for your delectation is the whole thing:

And finally, let's end with a bit of class. It just had to be... the theme to the new Bond film Skyfall. Here's the cuddly Adele, giving it the full OTT "Bond theme" treatment:

As always, enjoy - and let me know what you think!


  1. A terrific post! Thank you for sharing all the groovy music!

    1. You are more than welcome, my darling! Glad you enjoyed it... Jx

  2. I have pre-ordered the Ste McCabe album (it hasn't arrived yet, but I shall wait for the disc to listen to the album) old fashioned.

    I will very likely end up getting the Tracey Thorn Xmas album but it feels a little early with an Oct 29th release date to be buying it just yet.


  3. YAY! I'll spam Ste's fb with a link! Back to scroll up to listen to the vids - there's SO much music to listen to just a while.

    1. I do love Mr McCabe. Hope he appreciates it!



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