Monday, 6 May 2013

Get Old Or Die Tryin'

We have not long got back from Essex, where we spent an enjoyable couple of days with the boys of Braintree Manor (Steve and Alex), mainly just sitting in the sunshine in their extensive gardens recovering after the non-stop exotic dancing of the wedding party...

I have not forgotten it is still Tacky Music Monday, however! For a change, rather than my usual visit to the world of Hollywood extravaganzas (see yesterday's post on Alice Faye for that sort of thing) or showcasing exotic wannabee divas from far-flung climes, I thought I'd stick closer to home - to the East End of London, to be accurate.

For Hils and "History Boy" had prepared a genuine surprise treat as entertainment at their wedding party on Saturday - such a closely guarded one that even I did not know who was due to come on until the very last minute. Treating the assembled gathering of family, friends and bar staff(!) to her own singular brand of cross-generational mash-ups and hokey-cokey was none other than our own, our very own Music Hall Singer and Hip Hop/Rap Artist Superstar - Miss Ida Barr! We were thrilled beyond belief...

In case anyone needs to know more about "the people's pensioner" and how she came to create her classic mixes of such traditional choons as The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery with Eminem or Jerusalem with Nicki Minaj, here she is telling the story of her life and career and how she got into R'n'B - her film Artificial Hip Hop (a.k.a. The Angina Monologues):

It was a brilliant turn, a perfect addition to a lovely day's celebrations - and we loved it!

Ida Barr official website

STOP PRESS - Tuesday 7th May

Just in...

Now that's what I call a party!


  1. Clearly a good time was had by all. Still waiting for the scene-stealing tango from you and the Madam though ;)

    1. I fear there may be a long wait for that... Jx

  2. Well, that was a treat! "Up the common man!" Last time I saw a turn like that was a spit-and-sawdust pub with a Vesta Tilley act.

    1. That more or less sums it up, really! Jx


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