Friday, 3 May 2013

I've got all my sisters with me

It's a sunny day - and a fine weekend in prospect. I am on leave (hurrah), and today we'll be getting Dolores Delargo Towers in some semblance of order as guests arrive later for the "event of the Season". For tomorrow, my dear sister Hils gets married to her beloved "History Boy", and there's a huge party - and gathering of the clans - to celebrate.

To start the festivities, we are draping ourselves in as much flowery chiffon as we can find lying around the place and heading to the nearest park to dance our tits off, just like Sister Sledge - with a most appropriate song for the moment, We Are Family!

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Sister Sledge official website


  1. but each girl was allowed a soupcon of freedom;
    they got to choose a unique-hued glove & shoe combo.

  2. That bride must have really hated her bridesmaids...


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