Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sydney Ruff-Diamond

Just time to mention - and shamefully there have't been a lot in the way of tributes in the British media - that today marks the centenary of the birth of the archetypal craggy-faced letch of the Carry On films, Mr Sid James! Here is a fab tribute documentary to the man...

Sid James (born Solomon Joel Cohen, 8th May 1913 - 26th April 1976)


  1. I read Kerry Hudson's book, then started on Rupert Everett's Vanished Years : he agrees to doing Celebrity Apprentice thinking that The Apprentice will be like The Avengers and hoping he'll get to be Purdy.

    He meets Alan Sugar whom he doesn't recognise and thinks it's Sid James.

    1. Never saw them in the same room... Jx


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