Friday, 24 May 2013

See the well-dressed creatures

I may have been away from the grindstone all this week (but I was actually studying for an exam, which I took yesterday morning) - however, we still look forward to le weekend with glitter in our hearts...

To that end, on this, Miss Patti LaBelle's birthday, let's try and emulate the "Space Age Tinfoil Outfit" look as best we can in the estimable company of Patti, Nona and Sarah.

Are You Lonely? Not with these girls around, you're not!

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Patti LaBelle (born 24th May 1944)

LaBelle on Wikipedia


  1. Hope you did well on your test - I also took one yesterday morning. Only one more to go before summer vacation!

    I bought the 12" of Miss Labelle's "New Attitude" a couple of weeks ago. Love that song and the 12" version is quite good! Happy birthday Miss LaBelle.

    1. Thanks, luv - bloody exams!

      At least Miss LaBelle is there to tak our minds off them... Jx

  2. patti, belting it out...flat on the stage floor and all one could see was her hand, quivering.


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