Friday, 17 May 2013

Glitterballs, cheap tarts, old queens and Eurovision

I haven't forgotten that this should be our regular celebration of the end of another week, despite the fact that I am on leave. Some traditions have to be maintained...

We also cannot let this week go by without marking the fact that it is the "Gay World Cup" tomorrow - the Eurovision Song Contest! Yay! We will of course be celebrating in our traditional raucous fashion, with a big dressing-up-and-voting-and-drinking party here at Dolores Delargo Towers.

Today is special for a third reason, too - it is our friend Baby Steve's 40th birthday! No longer a "baby"...

So, speaking of parties, glitterballs, cheap tarts, old queens and Eurovision - here's the long-forgotten 2004 entry from Bosnia-Herzegovia, the not-gay-at-all Deen and In The Disco:

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Happy Birthday, Steve!


  1. Oh dear - that was dreadful! I have a feeling that Romania is going to upstage that one tomorrow night...

    Have a fabulous Euro-weekend! Forgive me for that dreadful entry from Iceland - I can assure you I was in no way responsible for the song, let alone the hair! I was however totally responsible for the Irish one ;)

    1. I think Romania is going to upstage everyone this year!

      We will have a rollocking time at our party as per usual - shame you can't be here... Jx

  2. Nope, not gay at all.

    Ever year at this time I wonder "What kind of cultural myopia makes the USA not broadcast Eurovision?" Sad, really.

    Have a lovely time and relish not being an American.

    1. It is amazing America hasn't caught on - Australia has taken it to heart so much that there has even been talk of letting them enter the contest! Mind you, such things as Country Music competitions and child beauty pageants are something of a mystery over here, and it is only very recently that Britain discovered what a "Superbowl" was (unfortunately for us). Jx


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