Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Catches light, catches sympathy

Britain's been battered by Storm Eleanor. We're all desperately trying to stay awake at work, while secretly wondering if it is OK to start drinking gin and tonic at our desks at 10am. Post-Xmas detritus is everywhere: dead trees still with bits of Angel Hair tinsel fluttering; bins overflowing with bottles and discarded broken toys; the charity shops are overwhelmed with donated unwanted tat...

...and a glitter-related injury has hit the news:
Doctors spotted a lesion on the patient’s cornea and initially suspected it to be caused by a herpes simplex infection, according to a case study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). But when the lesion was examined under a powerful microscope, a shiny surface was spotted inside.
Told you Xmas was best avoided!

Here's a pertinent number, courtesy of Moby:

Thick black soul
Moving slow, moving close to you
This life I don't know
It seems kinda sick to me
Hold each other tight
Walking through to our destiny
This glitter in my eye
Catches light, catches sympathy
This glitter in my eye
Catches light, catches sympathy.


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