Sunday, 7 January 2018


How our house-warming party will no doubt look

As the whirlwind of thoughts and plans for our forthcoming potential move begin to become a reality, so we are in need of a little calm for our jangling nerves.

What better way than with a little light musical interlude - and another chance to wallow in the lives of impossibly glamorous people in exotic locations? I think a Soft Tempo Lounge tribute to the late, great and uber-cool Jeanne Moreau fits the bill perfectly...

[Music: Luna Sorgente by Angelo Brigada]


  1. Well, that *was* calming. I feel positively languid now, and I can't understand why I'm not lounging about in some riviera with large sunglasses and a gin martini.
    I hope you get to feel the same in Spain before your move.

    1. The calm has somewhat subsided here at Doleres Delargo Towers, what with all the boxing-up, cleaning, paperwork (and budgeting) for the move - and we are now moving the week before Spain, rather than after... Gulp. Jx

  2. Oh God, I wish it were possible to be that glamorous in mud filled Devon.
    Where are you moving to??? And good luck with it!

    1. There aren't many people anywhere who could look as effortlessly cool as the likes of Mlle Moreau.

      As for our move - it's only a mile or so "up the line" (as they say in "Deb'n"), so we're still very much in familiar territory... Jx

  3. Ohhh, that was lovely. Very much not Devon though but one can still look very chic wearing an Hermes head scarf and a frock by Dior even in an open top 'Land Rover'.


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