Friday, 19 January 2018

Como si fuera esta noche la última vez

Another weekend looms - and it's just one week to go before we wave bye-bye to this place and "hello" to Dolores Delargo Towers #4...


To ease ourselves into "le weekend" - and to the prospect of spending it dismantling our extensive gardens, as well as continuing the perpetual task of clearing, boxing and generally sorting out our worldly goods - who better to lift our spirits than our beloved Gallic Patron Saint Mlle Dalida [who would have celebrated her 85th birthday on Thursday this week!] - and her inimitable disco update of Bésame Mucho..?

Merci Disco C'est Vendredi!

Dalida (born Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, 17th January 1933 – 3rd May 1987)


  1. Good luck with the packing - it's a big ol' task - good time for a clear out though, says the woman who managed to take all her rubbish with her!

    1. We've done this so many times before, and every time we think "it's time for a clear-out". Then, when unpacking, we find the same boxes of things tend to travel with us wherever we go... It's the squirrel instinct in us all, methinks. Jx


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