Monday, 15 January 2018

Down boy

Groan. I am aching in places where I didn't even realise I had places - after a busy weekend of scrubbing, sorting, boxing-up, and making a start on clearing out the excess stuff in the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers.

Now, as we awake in the darkness, it is pissing with rain, which makes getting up for work just that little bit more joyful. Sigh.

Never mind, eh? - on this Tacky Music ("Blue") Monday, let's cheer ourselves up with dear Betty Grable, living out every gay boy's fantasies (dressing outrageously, behaving even more so), as she dreams of "A dozen husbands":

Note to self: must get my hair done like that for our housewarming party.


  1. I have not moved too many times, so I can't say much about your woos of moving... three times in 43 years is enough....other than it sounds horrid. And rain to boot? Keep your chins up dear!

    1. I imagine your houseboys would make short work of it! Mind you, you'd probably never be able to find anything once they'd finished. Somehow I don't believe they're recruited for their intellect... Jx


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