Sunday, 14 January 2018

Spawn and Spain

The Demon Spawn have not stopped this weekend. Not for a second. From 7am to midnight.

Just two full weeks to go before we'll be rid of them, thank goodness!

Let's have little Spanish moment, methinks - just to remind us that after the dust settles on this arduous move, we have a week in Spain to look forward to in just under three weeks' time...

Here's a gorgeous little number by today's birthday girl Signorina Valente [still with us, thankfully!], accompanied in this clip by the shimmying talents of Signorinas Lollobrigida and Loren and Miss Gardner:

Many happy returns, Caterina Valente (born 14th January 1931)


  1. Having once lived below two demon spawn, I feel your pain.

    Their nightly piano and violin lessons drove me insane.

    1. We would not have even considered moving had we not been subjected to non-stop running up and down and screaming, day in, day out, above our heads. How breeders deal with it is utterly beyond me. I would have enclosed the beasts in a crate by now... Jx


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