Friday, 21 June 2019


Mid-bloody-summer?!! The nights start getting longer as of tomorrow, and it doesn't even feel like summer has actually started yet.

However, the forecast is improving - and (fingers crossed) Sunday should bring us a spell of warm and settled weather, without this blasted chill wind we've been getting for weeks.

So, let's get ourselves in the mood to celebrate the prospect of comfortably sitting outside with a glass or several of something alcoholic, in the company of this irresistible choon from the "Decade of Dance", the '90s - and Thank Disco Old-Skool It's Friday!

I'm officially "mad for it".

Have a great weekend, peeps!


  1. This week, it felt like the rain forest here. I'm off for a four day jaunt...cheers darling!

    1. Somewhere cooler and more refreshing, like Brazil or Zaire, perhaps? Jx

  2. I think the council have been round to trim back the hedges - it usually dies back naturally, but it was getting a bit dangerous. Mr Blue drove somebody into a ditch yesterday. Oops. So a warm spell is welcome. Hopefully it'll kill off the ginormous slugs and hogweed.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Nothing kills ginormous slugs quite like the sharp edge of a trowel. Or my heel. Jx

    2. The trowel is my weapon of choice, too! Although, it hasn't had much use in that department since the move, as the gardens of the Device Mansion are, so far, bereft of slugs (except for the one-or-two that hitched a lift on the bottom of flowerpots).

    3. Come back and say that after you've planted your first Delphinium. Or Lupin. Or Hosta...

      They're everywhere here - shredding their way through the leaves of all our climbers (except Cobaea and Jasmine); they adored our Pansies and Violas (now grubbed out and in the compost - after a superb show, given the circumstances), and they tried to have a go at the Mimulus, Phlox, Dahlias and even the Salvias (when they were all just sprouting, admittedly) but these are all too massive now for any mollusc to make much of a difference.

      Slugs and snails don't touch Geraniums, Penstemons, Aquilegia, Campanula nor Fuchsias - but then there's the caterpillars... Jx

  3. We are not bothered by slugs here.Nor snails.But, of course, nature has to torment us with other things. Like fruit fly.And bloody grasshoppers as big as w....r's hand.
    But the cats and spiders are helpful.Orchard swallowtail laid eggs on my dwarf Meyer and I missed seeing them til the beggars hatched.

  4. Not sure how big a w....r's hand is (nor what that is). But it's Australia - so it'll be as terrifying as that spider-that-eats-possums, no doubt!

    Quite how a cat is helpful in catching caterpillars or grasshoppers is beyond me - I thought cats were public enemy #1 down under because they've systematically killed every native marsupial smaller than a koala? And what on earth's a Meyer, dwarf or otherwise?

    "Two great nations, separated only by a common language." (GB Shaw, apparently, admittedly talking about America)...



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