Tuesday, 20 August 2019

I got it from my Daddy

Ooh! Haven't done of these posts in ages...

...how about a little selection of some of the "newer" tracks we have stumbled upon of late here at Dolores Delargo Towers?

First up, a subversive Russian band with a remarkable back catalogue of songs with titles such as Dead Unicorn , Big Dick and Everyday I’m Drinking, and then - this one! Love it...

How to follow that? With a song with lyrics such as this, of course:

I could not believe it, could not believe my eyes
The thing that I saw down there, down between your thighs
I can see it over, and over again
Rover at dollar, holy broke the skin
If I turn it over, would you make it work
When you plug it in, will you dig the dirt?

Lightening the tone somewhat, some very odd French people:

Something usually to be avoided at all costs - the crabs...

And finally... something that completely defies all description:


As ever, dear reader - let me know your thoughts...


  1. Give the the whop, whop, Pah, whop-pahpah !
    Love it
    They are all fab in their own way

    1. I anticipate you'll be doing "that dance" to Skibidi all day in work :-)


  2. Replies
    1. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Norma is Skibidi-ing around the manor... Jx

  3. Best.Tuesday.Ever!
    Does Absolut come in a bulgogi flavor? 'cause that's just about the only thing left to make my life complete after seeing these.

    1. I'm thrilled you enjoyed them, Joe!

      ...and if beef-flavoured vodka floats your boat, who am I to say "nay"? Jx

  4. just imagine the Bloody Marys you could make!

  5. I found myself quite liking the somber Feet, but the "odd French people's" effort was my favourite. Very... French!

    1. P.S. The video to Daddy was just creepy.

    2. Odd French people like to sing totally deadpan, I've noticed. It must be de rigueur over there... Jx

      PS I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to curl up under a duvet when I first saw Psy's face on that child-creature...


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