Sunday, 25 August 2019

Call me in Miami

You know you're getting old when... find out that the DJ (at the legendary Sound Factory in NY), early member of the The House of Xtravaganza and seminal producer/remixer of the likes of Queen Madge, Prince, "Wibbler Whitney", Janet Jackson, MC Hammer, Paula Abdul, Cher, and even Pet Shop Boys, Junior Vasquez is 70 years old!

By way of a tribute to one of the biggest contributors to the development and evolution of house, dance and pop music through the 80s, 90s and beyond, let's start with a clutch of his "vogue-y" numbers (the first two recorded under the pseudonym Ellis D)...

...and this, my fave:

...before we hit the one that was not only his greatest commercial success, but also sealed the final demise of his friendship and relationship with Our Glorious Leader:

Junior Vasquez (born Donald Gregory Mattern, 24th August 1949)


  1. There seem to be constant reminders of getting old. It's an irritating process - the worst is when your old favourites take to the stage and you wish they had left you with your memories.

    1. ...and then there's Tom Jones and Cher, who are preserved in aspic. Jx

  2. He does look sexy without a shirt on

    1. I imagine he was - ahem - quite popular in his day... Jx

  3. Replies
    1. If there is one thing that show Pose ought to be doing is getting this sort of music back into the clubs... Jx


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