Thursday, 29 August 2019

I'll always remember; oh, what a night

Sharing a birthday with such luminaries as Ingrid Bergman, María Dolores Pradera, Wilhelm Pachelbel (he of the "Canon"), early gay rights activist Edward Carpenter, Eddi Reader, Elliott Gould, Dickie Attenborough, James Hunt, Lenny Henry, Charles Gray and Michael Jackson, Miss Dinah Washington would have been 95 years old today.

All hail!

[Look who's playing "continuity announcer"!]

...oh, and, of course, this:

We. Adore. HER.

Dinah Washington (born Ruth Lee Jones, 29th August 1924 – 14th December 1963)

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  1. That she is so often overlooked as one of the greats is criminal.
    Left us way too soon, as all the truly gifted ones have done.
    She stands shoulder to shoulder with Ella, and above Billie in my book!

    1. The great women of the Blues all had their merits, albeit in different ways - one simply cannot pit Sarah Vaughan against, say, Bessie Smith, nor Eartha Kitt against Lena Horne, nor Miss Washington against... well, anyone, really. She was a unique talent, and, as you say, taken away far too soon... RIP. Jx

  2. I love 'I'm Mad About the Boy'!!
    Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan always remind me of my boss, who taped both for me - which surprised me as he was the big boss, and not simply my boss. I think he was trying to educate me.

    1. If I ruled the world, these ladies would be on the national curriculum... Jx


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