Monday, 17 February 2020

When I say hit it, I want the big strong Jackie Gleason

I am really spitting feathers today.

After a lovely fortnight of total indulgence - our faboo week in Spain, then a week at home doing bugger all - it's time to drag myself queasily back to that dreariest-of-dreary places, the office.


Never mind, eh? Our little gang had one of our irregular regular gatherings on Saturday to mark Madam Arcati's birthday, and among the films we watched was one of his (and my) favourites, John Waters' original Hairspray. So, on this Tacky Music Monday, let's forget the impending tribulations of work for a moment and practice some dance moves.

It's Madison Time!

...and, to add to the uplift, here's the original version, featuring the late Annette Funicello...

Have a good week, peeps. I won't.

Footnote: Speaking of Hairspray, the singer of one of the film's musical numbers [A Town Without Pity] Gene Pitney - sharing a birthday with the likes of Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage), Ruth Rendell, Dame Patricia Routledge, Brenda Fricker, Alan Bates, Julia McKenzie, Rory Kinnear, Ed Sheeran, Ron Goodwin, and (erm) Paris Hilton - would have been 80 years old today...


  1. I don't think it will ever replace The Slosh

  2. Happy Birthday, Madam Arcati!!!

  3. Hope you’re dancing your way through Monday!

    1. Never mind dancing - I was tempted to crack open a bottle of gin at 10am! Jx

  4. Replies
    1. "Tracy, I have told you about that hair. All ratted up like a teenage Jezebel!"



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