Thursday, 21 June 2018

That's what takes me high

Call that a Dahlia?

It's Midsummer's Day, folks - and, for once, the UK has actually been experiencing a summer for this to be the middle of! I love the long days, and the fact it's warm and (occasionally) sunny makes sitting in the garden of an evening a real joy.

I'm also greatly relieved at the news that, due to several voluntary departures in our team I will no longer have to sit an interview for my own job - whoo hoo!!

Today also happens to be the 50th birthday of Crouch End's finest, the lady who provided our summer soundtrack in the Millennium year, Sonique.

Coincidentally, the lady's biggest hit is quite appropriate to my mood...

Many happy returns, Sonique (born Sonia Marina Clarke, 21st June 1968)


  1. What a day, eh?! Good news about your job!

    Sonique was a fave back in the day - I'm going to fish her album out and listen to it on the way to work tomorrow. BTW, I noticed that the first flash of light she produced disappeared right up her quince (at 1:34)...

    1. Thanks, sweetie!

      As for Sonique's illuminated quince, it really doesn't bear thinking about... Jx

  2. Thumbs up on the job news.
    Now I need to see what all this Sonique stuff is about.

    1. Oh dear - you missed Sonique the first time around? Hers was the sound that carried the euphoria of the 90s dance music explosion into the 2000s. Her star fizzled out a bit with the unfortunate rise of "R'n'B" and X-Factor autotuned pop, but her songs still sound fresh even today. Time flies... Jx


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