Friday, 29 June 2018

The power of electric love

It's almost the weekend again, dear reader - and it also happens to be the birthday of one Stedman Pearson, integral member (with the rest of his family) of the archetypal 80s big-hair-big-shoulder-pads dance troupe Five Star, whose unfortunate downfall (he was caught cottaging) was blamed by some for the eventual popularity slump and bankruptcy of the band.

This year, they're (still) trying to make a comeback, with a grand tour of Butlins holiday camps and provincial venues up and down the land ["from Bognor to Saffron Walden, and ev'ry disco I go in..."?] - and Stedman has a completely new face, so that's OK...

To shift us into the party mood, let's get in touch with our inner poodle-perm, shimmy those shoulders, and Thank Disco It's Friday!

I thought I knew how to handle my emotions
Until you lit the fuse that triggered the explosion
Mm, you turn me on with the power of electric love
And now I can't get enough
Turn the voltage up

The slightest touch
And I go crazy with desire
The slightest touch
Can bring me to my knees, yeah
Watch what you touch
'Cuz I'm a real live wire
And the slightest touch
Is heavy on me
So, so heavy


Have a good one!

Five Star on Wikipedia


  1. Heavens! Five Star are a blast from the past. I once biro-ed 5✰ on one of my school books and was ridiculed almost immediately, so that was end of that.

    1. A blast from the past, indeed - but yes, they were at the same time adored and ridiculed. I am not sure that they were ever what anyone would call "cool". Jx


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