Monday, 26 March 2018

Classic magic

It's been a bit of a sad time for Eurovision fans of late - so sooner had we put our black armbands away after the death of the lovely Katie Boyle, but more sad news emerged on the weekend that the Song Contest's first-ever winner Lys Assia had followed her to that glittering, pyrotechnic, revolving, flower-strewn, OTT stage-set in the sky.

Eurovision is, of course, not an occasion for sadness - and it is certainly not about seriousness, as this extraordinary performance demonstrates.

Kejsi Tola (for it is she) was eulogised by the witty people over at the "Eurovision Lemurs" site thus:
Staged in front of an old The Price Is Right set, Albania’s 2009 entry features Tola in a pink tutu, a rhinestone-encrusted green man who looks like Disco Gumby and two b-boys dressed like Ben Stiller mimes. Classic, classic magic.
Perfect fare for a Tacky Music Monday, methinks:

Have a good week, dear reader!


  1. Oh, dear. That certainly was, as you say, "extraordinary". I wasn't quite sure what was going on there. Did the Ben Stiller Mimes and the Disco Gumby come on for the wrong performer and just carried on with what ever they were doing as it was too late to get off and wait for their own country's act? Bizarre.

    1. I think they were aiming for Covent Garden Piazza and took a wrong turning... Jx

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