Monday, 19 March 2018

J'aime le coq

It was a horrid, icy weekend, and I spent as little of it as possible outdoors (apart from for fag breaks; Dolores Delargo Towers #4 is a smoke-free abode, much to our chagrin...) - but it was a productive one, as I began the task of hanging our vast collection of pictures. I tackled twenty-five assorted autographed photos, framed theatrical ephemera and Art Deco prints - and a full scale mirror - and started fitting others into their frames ready to hang in the next round. The place looks more like home already...

This morning, I desperately need a good lie-in in the warm bed - but was instead jolted out of my reverie by the realisation that it was time for work again. Bah!

Never mind, eh? To cheer ourselves up on this Tacky Music Monday, I have delved into the weird world of Scopitone (again - it is one of my minor obsessions) for a dose of jolliness.

Usually the home of the dodgiest go-go dancing dolly-birds in the business, for your delectation I have instead focused on the boys - and there's quite a bit of cute French flesh on show to warm us up in this double-bill!

Ooh, la-la!

Have a good week, peeps.


  1. [on topic - just] I watched Annihilation the other day with Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac (I mean, they were in the film, not with me watching it), and Oscar reminds me very much of a young Sacha Distel. I think it's the nose, eyes and eyebrows. I don't know about the bulge as that wasn't evident in the film...

    1. Oh, and have a good week yourself!

    2. Mmmmm - Mr Isaac is rather dishy, isn't he? He would make my week considerably better. Jx


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