Wednesday, 21 March 2018

In a Barbie world

There's a bit of a melt-down on our High Streets at the moment, it would seem.

I don't think we at Dolores Delargo Towers are going to shed any tears over the bankruptcy of the ridiculously-named Toys'R'Us, nor Carpetright, New Look, MultiYork, Moss Bros, Mothercare nor many of the over-priced unappealing shops that I have never bought anything from whose financial woes are making the headlines. No-one's really surprised that another recent shopping casualty was Maplins; I only shopped there on occasions, as it was always more expensive than other shops selling similar. It is amazing, really, that WH Smith survives.

We might be sorry to see the likes of Homebase disappear - it has been a convenient, if definitely not the cheapest, source for many DIY products, pots, plants and bits'n'bobs we've needed for the home. And if its rival B&Q is also in trouble, our options may be curtailed even further...

...but by far the worst news of all, retail-wise, was the announcement today that the last true home of cheap bright-and-tacky jewellery, ribbons, braces, bow-ties and other such essentials for the dressing-up aficionado - be they a twelve-year-old girl going to a Nicki Minaj-themed party or a gaggle of Queens d'un certain age who need an instant "hit" of feathers, fouf and faff to add to their Pride outfits - Claire's Accessories is on its way to bankruptcy!


Here is what, surely, should have been their theme tune:


  1. I used to shop Claire's in a pinch when I did drag on a regular basis, but the last couple years, the selection went down least for drag queens. The jewelry no where near big enough. I'm a size queen dear. I have several neighborhood "queen stores" I call them for fabulous over the top baubles, bangles and beads.

    Although in said pinch, I did get disco ball earrings this past fall for a show, for a whopping $5.99

    1. I did say "instant", as in "last minute" - never what one might plan to wear... Jx

  2. Goodness me, but where are we supposed to shop now? There is still Wickes.... but I don't think they do anything with glitter and feathers? I guess it's back to the olden days, we'll have to improvise.

    1. My latest obsession, and rapidly becoming my favourite shop (beating Wilko into second place) is the faboo The Range. [And it's a company with its roots in Devon, too!]. It does feathers, foof and faff as well as grommets and whatnots... Jx


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