Friday, 9 March 2018

Party, party time again

This has been a particularly long and tedious week, and I, for one, will not be sad to see the back of it. Hils, Crog and I are off to Portsmouth at some ungodly hour tomorrow to visit The Mother (it being Mothering Sunday this weekend, and all), so any further embellishments planned for Dolores Delargo Towers #4 [and more on that in due course, no doubt] will have to be slightly curtailed.

All that aside, it's still a weekend, and - pissing rain or not - that is still a cause for celebration! What better way to bring on the party spirit than with His Hairiness himself, Mr Mick Jackson (the man who wrote Blame it on the Boogie), and his paean to having fun?

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a good one...


  1. I need socks like that to liven up work!
    Happy weekend with Mother!

    1. I have been looking for a pair in size 11 shoe, but as you can imagine it's not that easy... Jx


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