Thursday, 1 March 2018

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

It's Saint David's Day, cariads - the day when all things Welsh are supposed to be celebrated, apparently. As it happens, all anyone across the UK has been thinking about today is the dreadful weather [it was -5C during the day today here in London, but thankfully the thermometer is slowly starting to rise; there are still blizzards and ice everywhere North of here, however], so there has been little chance of waving one's leek around!

Dim ots, on with the music, methinks - here are a few of our fave Welsh artists, doing what they do best! First up, help yourself to a bit of Sir Tom... of Dame Shirl's shining moments:

...Miss Jenkins, her amazing tonsils, and a plethora of safety gays:

...some Cerys Matthews:

...and to finish (a bit of a surprising one, this), how about one of Wales' grandest, Dame Siân Phillips - singing?!

And, in case you feel the need to use any Welsh phrases on this special day - try this handy guide!


  1. Bless you sir! Or should it be "bendithia ti syr!"
    Nothing like some Tome Jones to blow the stink of a craptacular day off one's psyche. And some Dame Shirley too! you're spoiling us.

    1. I aim to please ["Fy nod yw os gwelwch yn dda", perhaps?]... Jx


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