Sunday, 4 March 2018

La Primavera?

Until yesterday, this was the view from our kitchen window

It's been quite a busy weekend, all told - most of yesterday was taken up just building one wardrobe, and today has been a bit of a "doing day" as well: sorting through crap we'd been carting around in those handy, "tuck-'em-away-under-the-bed" boxes since the move before last... and we've just waved bye-bye to our first official visitors at Dolores Delargo Towers #4. Now it's time for some relaxation.

Among our birthday celebrants today [as diverse a mix as usual, including silent film star Pearl White, theatre impresario Joan Greenwood, national treasure (and presenter of astronomy programme The Sky At Night from 1957 to his death in 2012) Patrick Moore, the inventor of both the gas mask and the traffic signal Garrett Morgan, singer and actress Patsy Kensit, author Alan Sillitoe, conductor Bernard Haitink, actress Paula Prentiss, cod rock'n'roller Shakin'-bloody-Stevens (70 years old today!) and Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono] is a genuinely great talent.

Happy 340th birthday to the prestigious Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi!

To help calm us down in an appropriate manner for a Sunday, here's something of his that is both optimistic and soothing. Spring is just around the corner, folks!



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