Friday, 6 April 2018

I want Candy

As the sugar tax comes into force, millions of Britons are failing to declare the absolutely fucking massive amount they consume.

The government is facing an epidemic of sugar appreciators concealing their intake, whether in the form of sweets, fizzy drinks or simply eating spoonfuls straight from the bag.

Office worker Nikki Hollis said: “I may have appeared to be eating an enormous Danish pastry earlier but I was just holding it for a friend. I often do that, hold cakes for people.”

School pupil Wayne Hayes said: “I did not consume a ludicrous 14 cans of Coke today. I was only incapable of sitting still for three seconds in geography because I get so excited about oxbow lakes.

“Me and my mates go to the corner shop every lunchtime without fail but we don’t just buy loads of sweets. Today Liam had a mango and I ate a bag of raw broccoli.”

Businessman Nathan Muir said: “My accountant is doing my sugar tax return. He’s managed to calculate it so I ate no sugar in the last year and the government actually owes me 30 kilos.”

A government spokesman said: “If you know someone fiddling their sugar tax, you should report it to our hotline and an Inland Revenue official will come round and brush their teeth.”
The Daily Mash

Of course.

[The "real" story is just as childish.]

To greet this latest example of Nanny State interference in our freedoms with the contempt it deserves, here's another sojourn into the mega-talented world of Swedish schlager queens Lili and Susie (or is it Sussie? who cares), and an appropriately titled number:

Thank Disco It's Friday - let's celebrate with a triple loaded ice-cream soda and doughnuts!


  1. I stockpiled in anticipation. Then I ate it all.

    1. Me too. Even the strawberry cremes. Jx

  2. This is like a flashback to the introduction of VAT when we were encouraged to snoop-and-snitch.You'd better watch out they don't take those TV detector vans out of mothballs.If you see an ancient Morris van with a bent coat hanger on the roof, be very afraid.

  3. Shit! I hope they don't find my gingerbread cottage in the woods...

    1. I've visited a few "cottages in the woods" in my time. Don't remember any gingerbread, however... Jx


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