Friday, 13 April 2018

Totty of the Day and paraskevidekatriaphobia

Any excuse, really, for another picture of Tom Daley in his skimpies

The walking sex god that is Tom Daley has not only recovered from his hip injury [I wonder how that happened? Dustin: we're looking at you!] to win his fourth Commonwealth Games gold medal (alongside his synchronised dive partner Dan Goodfellow), but he has also had a very public dig at many of the countries with whom he is participating:
"Coming to the Gold Coast and being able to live as an openly gay man is really important," said Daley, 23.

"You want to feel comfortable in who you are when you are standing on that diving board, and for 37 Commonwealth countries that are here participating that is not the case."

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Daley added: "I feel extremely lucky to compete openly as who I am, not worry about ramifications. But for lots of people living in those countries it is not the case.

"We have to talk about these things and shine a light on them in order to get change.

"By Birmingham and the next Commonwealth Games [in 2022], I really hope we see a decrease in that number of countries that criminalise LGBT issues.

"I feel with the Commonwealth, we can really help push some of the other nations to relax their laws on anti-gay stuff."
Good for him! We need more people in the public eye to speak out against anti-gay bigotry and discrimination, especially in the Commonwealth - an organisation supposedly dedicated to upholding "democracy, human rights and the rule of law" - which is so dear to Britain and HM The Queen...

Changing the subject completely, however, we have reached the crescendo of yet another gripping week's work - and for the superstitious among us it is also Friday the Thirteenth!

Pah, I say - I am not paraskevidekatriaphobic. I just wanna fucking dance! Thank Disco It's Friday, and let's let Daft Punk and Pharrell get the party started:

Have a good one, peeps!


  1. The things I'd do for a weeks worth of jollies with him!!!!! As you can imagine.

    Have a lovely weeks end today.

    1. It's my chosen method of euthanasia, should the worst happen - gasping for breath under Tom Daley's arse... Jx

  2. I don't know what doom awaits me this Friday the 13, but whatever happens, that picture will make getting up this morning (heh, heh) all worthwhile.

    1. Our Tom "gets me up" quite frequently. Jx

  3. Ah bless him he is so lovely
    I suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia and didn't know it

    1. I am not superstitious. Touch wood. Jx


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