Wednesday, 25 April 2018

To have or have Knot

The world's largest field trial on the control of Japanese Knotweed, conducted in Wales, has found that eradicating the plant is "not possible".

Dr Dan Jones, the founder of a consultancy that solves complex invasive plant species problems, said: "Off the back of the first three years of data we've found that eradication is not possible. Hopefully over the longer term we may move towards that by using new chemicals we're looking at.

"But it's not a question of eradication, it's a question of sustained control and management and well informed control and management.

"Claims made by companies, stating that they could eradicate Japanese Knotweed using herbicides in short spaces of time have now been proven to be false, based on our experiments.

"Furthermore, we have shown that applying the wrong herbicides at the wrong time of the year leads to greater herbicide use and environmental impacts."

The trials covered the four main herbicide groups used in weed control. The chemical found to be the most effective was Glyphosate. However, very low doses were applied - the lowest of all the other herbicides used.
Pah! The moment we discovered the presence of the dreaded Japanese Knotweed here, in the extensive gardens of Dolores Delargo Towers #4, we've been applying rather large doses of Glyphosate on it. I'd rather kill the bastard stuff than bugger around the edges like these "scientists" appear to have done in this trial.

We will eradicate it. Have no worries about that.

Either that, or we'll eat it!

Here are some recipes:


  1. Funny....we try to grow and curate a stunning garden with jewels....but these weeds and other grow out of control with no care.

    Just aint' fittin' I tell you.

  2. I think my Dad used some sort of Jeyes fluid concoction on some suspected Knotweed. He said it worked. But then again Jeyes Fluid kills most things.

    1. Apparently, people used to bath in it to prevent the spread of scarlet fever. Excuse the pun. Jx

  3. It has not reached this outpost of empire.And I hope it doesn't!
    Meanwhile, Marie does her best to eat it!

    1. She loves it! Meanwhile, if we do see any spikes that have escaped our chemical warfare, I might try adding them to gin (as I hate vodka with a vengeance). Jx

  4. Evil stuff.
    The slow war of attrition has ensued !

    1. I think a few "Knotweed BBQs" should sort it out - our guests can eat it! Jx


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