Saturday, 7 April 2018

Till you feel like bursting

Madame Arcati, our chums Al and Mark and I went to our first RHS Flower Show of the season yesterday - the Orchid and Spring Plant Fair. It was stunning, over-the-top and a feast for the eyes, so we all felt well at home... [I went on for one or two drinkies at Halfway II Heaven afterwards, met up with a cohort of chums, and ended up getting to bed at gone 2am; quite a Friday, indeed - I didn't arise today till 2pm, which has meant the day has been somewhat curtailed; although I did manage to get out, do shopping, and lop some very tall branches off one of the weed trees with our new extendable pruner, so not entirely lost.]

Speaking of floral beauties, today would have been Miss Billie Holiday's birthday, so let us wallow in some classy music (for a change). Take it away, Lady Day (and Satchmo)!

Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan, 7th April 1915 – 17th July 1959)


  1. Lovely day and way to spend a early spring day...a flower show. About a month ago I went to soak up the orchid show at Longwood Gardens. It was heavenly.

    1. Orchids are so other-worldly and fascinatingly beautiful, they really raise the spirits at this time of year. Jx

  2. Orchids and Billie I feel spoilt .


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