Thursday, 31 January 2019

Gossip Queens

Oh dear, this #adecadeago "meme-y thingie" that the lovely Miss Scarlet has taken to her heart is becoming addictive...

Ten years ago (again - see here and here), I find that we at Dolores Delargo Towers were counting down to our [rather early, methinks - this year's escapade is not for another few weeks yet] annual winter break in Spain, in the company of Señoritas Naranjo and Pantoja - both of whom have appeared here, and no doubt will appear again, quite regularly ever since.

However, a more local "fad" I was also following at that time was the [ill-fated, as hindsight reveals - the site closed not long after I featured it] "Tube Gossip" blog, which highlighted the sheer oddness of overheard conversations on public transport. Nowadays, the venerable journal Time Out has taken up the baton where that particular topic is concerned, with its own weekly "Overheard in London: #wordonthestreet" feature.

So, in keeping with this "Let's party like it's [ahem] 2009" theme meme at the moment, let's update things with some choice highlights from recent columns - to see what nonsense people are on about today, and whether it is in any way particularly different to that of ten years ago:
  • ‘You know what ginger face is. It’s the face that ginger people have.’
  • ‘I never smell. I don't think I’ve got any hormones.’
  • ‘I just need a kebab and someone to go down on me.’
  • ‘She’s so fucking middle-class, she farts Jo Malone.’
  • ‘I refuse to talk about Beverley’s nipples.’
  • ‘My dominatrix was spanking someone so I thought it’d be impolite to leave.’
  • ‘I got a divorce and a new roof. It’s been a good week.’
  • ‘What do you mean “Is it organic?” It’s cooked!’
  • ‘I just can't believe he has lived his whole life without a spatula.’
And my favourite...
  • ‘A guy on Tinder wanted to sniff my bum. I feel quite flattered that a guy wants to stick his nose there.’

Same twaddle, different decade...


  1. I can't decide between "gingerface" and "spatula" - I love this "overheard" thing! Shame I'm a decade late...

    1. Never too late to revel in other people's weirdness - that is timeless... Jx

  2. "What do you mean 'Is it organic?' It’s cooked!"

    I think I can use this one. Thank you.

  3. ‘I refuse to talk about Beverley’s nipples.’
    In 2009 I think I did indeed talk about Beverley's nipples! I did a whole series on how to measure your bust and calculate cup size.

    1. I don't know a Beverley, so have never discussed her nipples. In fact, I don't think "nipples" has been a regular topic of conversation round here, regardless of whose they are. Jx


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