Friday, 24 May 2019

My life is one, every weekend

Another weekend looms - and it's another Bank Holiday, peeps! The forecast looks OK, so it's three whole days in the garden pour moi, methinks...

But first - how about something brand new to get us in the party mood?

Fifteen years ago, an uplifting "Ibiza classic" called Lola's Theme [as I featured here, albeit in orchestral form] stormed our charts - and now, the song's creators The Shapeshifters are back, accompanied by Chic vocalist Kimberly Davis, with this fantabulosa number, released today [on Miss Davis' birthday]!

Get your sparkles on, peeps; fire up the smoke machine - and Thank Disco It's Friday!

[No video as yet, unfortunately - but you can watch here a brief "making of" clip, featuring the group, the singer and the orchestra.]

Have a good one, dear reader, whatever you do!



  2. Oh, Lola's Theme was a favourite (and still is)! And this new one is pretty good, too.

    A weekend in the garden sounds like a good plan. I shall be doing the same.

    1. It would be very much nicer here if the Polish neighbours didn't have a house-full of relatives - all of them are also doing the same. They drown out the blackbird, the swifts, the wren and even the Heathrow flight-path. Jx

  3. Clouded over here, and we have rain due tomorrow. I will have to stay in and listen to tunes instead. This one is a good starter!

    1. Possibly similar here, as well - but the cloud is still only misty at the moment. I'm happy to dodge the showers in and out tomorrow - and I'll have music out there too. Jx


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