Monday, 21 December 2020

I'll give it to someone special

Sigh. Back to the world of dreams - the alarm's gone off, and it's back to the grind again. At least it is the wind-down to the Festering Season, and I have an extended time away from pedestrian council business to look forward to, even if the news continues to make grim reading and there's not a helluva lot of seasonal cheer about at the moment...

Let's make an effort to change all that. Even though it is my least favourite of all festivities, I guess I do need to make some sort of effort towards a "countdown" [Todrick Hall having already kicked things off] - and there is no-one better to bring a bit of sparkle into the situation than Mademoiselle Dalida! First up, her somewhat unexpected cover of a Wham Xmas classic:

Not content to leave it at that on a Tacky Music Monday, however - bring on the safety gays!!

Much better.

Have a great week, dear reader! The days get longer from now on...


  1. I had just heard about the new strain of virus hitting the UK and the tier 4 lock down. Oh dear. Im sure we'll be right behind you.

    I have gift for all coming soon! Maybe that will make your day.

    1. Oh, yes - London's Xmas is cancelled, and Tiny Tim's not getting his turkey. Makes very little difference to us, really, as we've hardly been doing much for months so we're hardly going to miss pubs and theatres being closed again, nor clothes shops or gyms. Roll on the vaccine, I say!

      Gifts? I can only shiver in antici....pation! Jx

  2. That Three Kings gif is hilarious. What a fantastic find!

    1. It's another perfect "Bah Humbug" moment.

      Did you enjoy the Dalida sparkle, however? Jx

  3. Mr Devine is also in Tier 4 now, isn't he? It's grim. I am fed up with it all.
    Roll on Spring!

    1. It's "Vale of Tiers"... Roll on Spring! Roll on the vaccine! Jx


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