Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Songs of the Year, Part 2

There are very few certainties in life, but when it comes down to musical tastes, dear reader, you can be absolutely sure that no list of my "favourites" will ever include: whining gits like Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi or Coldplay; nor urban/rap/grime/whatever-the-latest-term-is for the likes of Stormzy, Drake, Megan Thee Stallion and so on; nor wibblers like Rihanna or Ariana or their newer competitors in the "ear-bleed" stakes; nor will there be much in the way of Country or Rock. No Taylor "Gwyneth Paltrow-lookey-likey" Swift, nor Harry Styles, Justin "somebody smack him" Bieber or the GaGa creature. Nor Captain Tom Moore.

Artists who did "tickle my fancy" during 2020 included Róisín Murphy, Shapeshifters, Jess Glynne, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa (well, one of hers, anyhow), Jaxx Jones and Martin Solveig - all featured (or linked to), among others, in Part 1 of this personal year-end round-up... 

...and this lot!

Without further ado, here in Part 2 - these are the songs that I loved the most in 2020.

First up, a song that has had not one, not two, but three iterations in a matter of eighteen months - not least the Xmas version I featured here. However, this was the one that made me laugh out loud (and lord knows we needed it this year):

From laughter to tears. A superbly-arranged collaboration between some very big names indeed (to raise funds for Children In Need); you'd have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by this one...

Changing the mood completely, despite the fact that (like just about everything) the Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled in 2020, this song - which indubitably would have won - remains an exercise in pure, understated genius:

What's this? Two bites of the cherry for "Little Miss Weeknd-without-an-e"? Yes. I adored this song for the whole of lockdown #1, and I love it still:

Our beloved Patron Saint of Belting Dame Shirley Bassey apparently hung up her sparkly frocks for the last time in November with a "farewell" album, much to our dismay - but from it came a boppy little number that has been receiving quite a bit of airplay on BBC Radio 2 ever since:

Speaking of Patron Saints and Divas, Kylie exploded back into our lives with her DISCO album, from which came first the sublime Say Something - and then, this!

Ramping up the camp-with-a-capital-C (as only they can), 2020 was also a busy year for the fantabulosa Steps, who released a couple of genuine earworms, Something In Your Eyes and, from the album of the same name, this house favourite here at Dolores Delargo Towers:

And finally, if there is to be an end-point, a pinnacle, a crescendo for such a list of remarkable numbers from an otherwise benighted year - here is the "Queen of the Lockdown" herself, with not only a brilliant cover of an all-time camp classic, but also with a poignant video that just about sums up our feelings about this "year of shuttered venues". Let's hope that by this time next year, we'll have a had few happier times on a dance-floor somewhere...

As always, let me know your thoughts, my leetle chums!


  1. What was the Queen thinking, giving Shirley Bassey a Damehood when she's a tax exile and has been since 1968.

    Thank you for my beautiful peignoir, Carmen is running it up as I type, it's just like the one Olive wore in Holiday on the Buses.

    1. Her Maj has been a fan of Shirl's for ever - she's invited to all the "do's", the concerts and what-not. I bet HMQ even bid for some of those frocks!

      Glad you liked the peignoir - I thought more Elsie Tanner than Olive, myself. Jx

  2. I could have been a Shirley Bassey. If I wasn't short and blonde. Oh yeah, and if I could belt 'em out like that.
    An where did you find the Todrick boy? He's a hoot and a damn' good dancer/prancer.

    1. Short? Blonde? Belter? That's not Dame Shirl - that's Dorothy Squires!

      Todrick Hall is such a cute hoot - I'd like him as a houseboy, but I imagine he'd hardly be the "house-trained" type. Jx

  3. That was quite a roundup, and a wonderful finale with Cryin' at the Discotheque. Imagine someone excavating that old charmer! And so poignant with those images.

    1. Our Sophie certainly knows how to do it - give us a party, and at the same time remind us that such things are only available in one's own home for the foreseeable future... Jx

      PS She also covers New Order's True Faith on her new album.

  4. Some good ones here - especially Shirley Bassey.


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