Saturday, 14 May 2022


Having spent several hours getting Dolores Delargo Towers in a fit state to welcome visitors for our Eurovision party, it's time for a breather before I carry on sticking flags up, and then it's just the buffet to lay out... Phew!

All this on the sunniest and warmest day so far this year! Sigh.

Which reminds me - it's a double-header of excitement today, dear reader. Not only the Eurovision Song Contest final tonight - but it's exactly one week 'till we will be in our beloved Benalmadena again! What better way to celebrate than with one of my all-time favourite Eurovision moments, ever, as Spanish entrants Azucar Moreno (way back in 1990) strutted their stuff onto the stage (as the very first act), then just as quickly strutted off again as they could hear no sound through their headphones. That could have shaken-up an act good-and-proper - but my heavens! They showed no sign of any such nerves when they finally got to do their thing...

Brilliant! Or should I say ¡Magnifico!


  1. Pretty amazing that they were able to perform like that after such a stressful start. Enjoy yourselves tonight.

    1. Such a performance, too! We can but hope that anyone tonight has such energy and sass... Jx

  2. Magnifico, indeed! They certainly managed to pull it off in the end.

    I'm sure your Eurovision party will garner the full douze points!

    1. Those girls were amazing... was our party (as you might imagine, given the UK's success - at last)!

      I was up till 5am, and have only just surfaced. Jx

    2. Oh dear... I must confess: I didn't watch Eurovision, and have no clue as to who sang what and which country (if not the UK) was bottom of the leader board with nil points (I haven't even heard the UK's entry!). Will you be publishing a 'best of' so that I may catch up, perhaps?

    3. My post about the madness will be here asap, dear - bien sûr! Jx

      PS You have heard the UK entry before, right here...

  3. Terry Wogan!!
    Well, wasn't last night just brilliant?!!!


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