Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Whale

Sharing a birthday with the anniversary of the Twin Towers terrorism attack (eighteen years ago today) are such notables as D. H. Lawrence, Herbert Lom, Jessica Mitford, Brian De Palma, Harry Connick Jr., motorcycling legend Barry Sheene, tacky showbiz entertainer Lola Falana, Richard Ashcroft of the Verve, soprano Catherine Bott, Boy George's ex Jon Moss, deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and Mr Richard Melville Hall.

Who? I hear you ask...

...he's better known as Moby [so nick-named after the famous titular whale in the novel written by his great-great-great uncle Herman], of course!

Here, by way of a tribute, are two faves from his repertoire:

Ah, the 90s again...


  1. I love how LOLA FALANA trips off the tongue.

  2. I never knew Moby and Melville were connected. If I ever thought about the name, I probably would have assumed it was just random. Thanks for the news.

  3. Gosh I remember the attack on the Twin Towers vividly hard to believe it was 18 years ago.
    Love the Moby Dick thing

    1. We all love the dick thing. Jx

      PS Time flies, dear - it's twenty years since the Admiral Duncan bombing...


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