Thursday, 19 September 2019

Totty of the Day - a seven nation army couldn't hold me back

Mr Scott Bradlee is not only the musical genius behind our beloved "house band" Postmodern Jukebox, he is decidedly cute to boot!

It also happens to be his birthday today, and - as if we'd ever need an excuse - by way of a tribute, we need some more of his/their extraordinary interpretations of modern "classics". First up, the man himself, solo, with what is apparently a Taylor Swift song [dunno - even looking up the original left me none the wiser, as I generally tend to avoid her kind of country-pop with a vengeance]...


However, we couldn't leave it there without another choon from the rest of his combo:

Fab musicianship. Fab vocals. Fab frock!

Many happy returns, Scott Bradlee (born 19th September 1981)!


  1. PMJB are touring here RIGHT NOW! Sadly, not this town and can't stump up for tickets, flights and accom. to go elsewhere. Still, we have the interwebs.

    1. That is a shame, isn't it? They are here in London in November for the London Jazz Festival in the Royal Festival Hall, but tickets are not cheap - and needless to say, all the best ones have sold out already... Jx

  2. Whoof he is cute and talented.
    Love PMJ and hope to get to see them live, one day.

    1. Always love a man in a suit revealing his - ahem - talent! Jx


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