Friday, 27 November 2020

Ce n'est rien que nous n'ayons vu auparavant

I've woken up to the sight of the first air frost on the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers - it was foggy overnight and the moisture froze onto leaves and pots, giving a sparkly sheen to everything. Winter drawers on, methinks...

As we crawl ever closer to the weekend, however, we need to get ourselves into the mood for a party [and we're actually having one tonight, via Zoom of course], thermal underwear or no. As the Timeslip Annual 1971 above hints, I am taking a little trip down memory lane; to #adecadeago again [a sort-of-memey-thing I half-heartedly entered into a while back at the suggestion of Ms Scarlet, who is unashamedly recycling her own back-catalogue at the mo] revisiting posts I did ten years ago - and came up with a corker.

From this week in 2010, a double-bill of campery - and Thank Disco It's Friday!

As you, dear reader, will no doubt already know, here at Dolores Delargo Towers we are passionate for most things 80s - the hairdos, the overblown power-ballad dry-ice-laden videos, the padded shoulders, the gradual handover from punk to New Romantics to Madonna to Stock Aitken & Waterman to rave, the almost complete lack of rappers... And of course, in the middle of all this - HiNRG/Italo Disco!

This particular song was a favourite of mine from gay clubbing days in Wales. Like so many dance numbers of that era (notably Voyage, Voyage and Ella, elle l'a), it probably benefited from being sung in its native language (French), so you didn't need to concentrate on how silly the lyrics may be.

Of course, unless a song was American or British we would never get to see the video. And in the case of this remarkably artless effort by Début de Soirée (for it is they), it was probably a very good thing indeed...

Not content with just leaving it at that I just had to share another recent discovery, courtesy of our friends in Brittany. You thought the original was bad? Try this marvellous Korean lady-boy karaoke version:

I can smell the poppers from here.

Have a great weekend, peeps!


  1. With this timeslip moment you are spoiling us!
    Artless effort? Blimey, you are generous Jon - I enjoyed the squirty cream, and then concluded that the song must be about rejecting women that eat too much squirty cream?
    At least the second one was only 2mins and 43 seconds of strangeness - though I kind of enjoyed it.

    1. Lord only knows what any of it's about - I looked up the English translation of the lyrics and it has lines such as Your heart is a pick-up sapphire/We found decibels in your check-up.

      No mention of cream, squirty or otherwise, so we're none the wiser. Jx

  2. That first video reminded me of a Eurotrash/Gay Time TV mashup...

    I wonder why the Korean ladyboys all looked so angry amd surly?

    1. Eurotrash it certainly is - I Love It!

      Koreans/Japanese are an odd lot... Jx

  3. The vocals are the least of it, but the instrumental line sounds identical to something else, but I just can't place it. I also cannot figure out the Safety Ladies in the original video, but they are quite something.

    1. It's very reminiscent of The London Boys, but there was a slew of songs with that sort of irresistibly catchy beat around; hence the success of the Stock Aitken Waterman stable.

      As for the girls - the fat one's hilarious! Jx

  4. A Fab Time slip moment indeed I love the original version of this.
    Every thing sounds better in French.


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