Sunday, 1 November 2020

You couldn't keep cool if you've never gone mad

No surprises here, really, given the number of pig-ignorant bastards I and Madam Arcati have encountered in shops and on public transport, wearing no mask (or mask round the chin) and ignoring any concept of "distance" - the whole of the UK is going into lockdown again from Thursday! No pubs, no Primark, and another blow to the slowly-recovering entertainment industry. How will we cope? We have, of course, been here before, but it doesn't make it any better...

What never fails to make life better, on the other hand, is Pink Martini!

Here's a double bill of loveliness from one of our "house bands" here at Dolores Delargo Towers on this gloomy Sunday - with a recipe demonstration to boot:

Well you couldn't be good
If you've never been bad
You couldn't keep cool
If you've never gone mad
You couldn't be glum
If you've never been glad
And lemons give you lemonade

If you don't do the work
You'll never get paid
If you don't have the crowd
There's no parade
It may be trite
And I know it's clichéd
But lemons give you lemonade

The glass is half full of sweet champagne
Some say it's half empty, what do they know?
Why would you whine about the rain
When you could lose yourself inside a rainbow?

Without the climb
You don't get the view
Without the crime
You won't have a clue
There is no rhapsody
Without the blue
And lemons give you lemonade

The glass is half full of sweet champagne
Some say it's half empty, what do they know?
If you keep whining 'bout the rain
How you ever gonna see the rainbow?

Somebody's pain
Is somebody's pleasure
Somebody's trash
Is somebody's treasure
Somebody's ugly
Is somebody's lovely

And lemons give you lemonade

Ah, that's better...

I'd put gin in that, myself.


  1. I saw that new late last night. Probably smart, unlike us. We will just go whole hog into death and oblivion here if trump is re-elected. I'm actually glad I'm not working right now. Our number and deaths are worst then ever.

    1. I can only hope that somewhere along the line, some sense is injected into this horrid situation... Jx

  2. Squeezing lemons looks like a good way to build muscles - win, win!

  3. Replies
    1. The man being fitted with a metal mask?! Or Pink Martini..?



  4. Cooler than Cool
    Lemonade to boot.


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