Monday, 30 November 2020

They nursed it, rehearsed it

Sigh. Back to the old routine again - and there's nothing "gay" about being tied to that bastard work laptop for another five days, I can tell you.

Never mind, eh? We have another centenary to celebrate on this Tacky Music Monday!

Sharing a birthday with an esteemed collection of oddly-matched names, including Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Billy Idol (who is 65 today!), Frank Ifield, Robert Guillaume, Lorraine Kelly, Gary Lineker (60 today!), Mandy Patinkin, Ridley Scott, Ben Stiller, June Pointer, David Mamet, Allan Sherman, John Bishop, Stacey Q and Des'ree, the all-singing, all-dancing Miss Virginia Mayo [for it is she] may not be as well-remembered today as her contemporaries in musicals such as Vera-Ellen, Rita Hayworth or Ann Miller, but she was Warner Brothers' biggest box-office money-maker in the late 1940s - often called upon to play characters with typical "showgirl" names like Mamie, Honey, Flaxy or Ginger, admittedly - and was Danny Kaye's choice of co-star in no fewer than five movies. Judging by this [not-so-tacky] performance alongside the gorgeous Gene Nelson, I am not surprised...

Virginia Mayo (born Virginia Clara Jones, 30th November 1920 – 17th January 2005)

Have a good week, peeps.


  1. The man in the ad is viewing at some VERY specific porn, by the look of it.

    1. I can imagine just how erotic MS-DOS porn must have been... Jx

  2. Meanwhile, there is a man with a firm grip on his trumpet.

    1. I like that in a man - the ability to dance and play with his impressive instrument at the same time. Jx

  3. Replies
    1. I hope she left you that feather headdress in her will. Jx


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