Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Every Hollywood he-man

From Modern Screen, 1950:

Women have the monopoly on beauty treatments. Men generally take the faces that God gave them and do the best they can. Mud packs, permanent waves, facials - they’re for the girls. Probably the biggest disadvantage of all this is that there are no beauty parlours where men can get together and gossip.

Imagine the male delight when 13 years ago a fellow name of Sam Amundsen opened a Finnish bathhouse – for men only. Here at last was a place where the boys could let off steam, and improve their physiques at the same time. It was a natural. Before long every Hollywood he-man worth his weight has made a habit of Finlandia, which is located in the basement of the Bing Crosby building. The Crosby brothers, Kirk Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, Cornel Wilde, Zachary Scott, Paul Douglas - they all drop in for the treatment, and the talk...

...photographers Bert Parry, Bob Beerman, and I were only too happy to go somewhere nice and warm. We hustled over to Finlandia and there found Scott Brady, John Bromfield, Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis and Hugh O’Brian in various stages of undress...

Oh, so very manly.

The gorgeous, and eternally closeted, Hollywood heartthrob Mr Rock Hudson (born Roy Harold Scherer Jr., 17th November 1925 – 2nd October 1985) would have been 95 years old today...


  1. And with the second group over at the Finlandia...we can only imagine what that group was up too.

  2. Very nice! Were men better looking back then?

    1. I wouldn't have minded being thrown into that steam room with any of them! Jx

    2. I think it was easier to tell who actually was good looking back in "them days", as the men weren't so preened, pampered, and puffed up, so one got to see what they really looked like.

    3. Everyone looks more handsome in black and white. Jx

  3. Hubba hubba !
    I am off to Finlandia,
    all i need is a time machine.


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