Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Arrojo y una fiereza

As you will obviously be aware, dear reader, there is nothing in this world we love more here at Dolores Delargo Towers than to discover a new "diva"! Such a shame that on this particular occasion, the moment of discovery is purely because the gran dama has died.

Señorita Dolores Abril - for it is she - was a singer and famous film actress even before she met the renowned flamenco singer Juanito Valderrama in the early 1950s [who was at the time already married; they eventually wed on the death of his first wife], with whom she formed a professional and personal partnership for more than half a century until his death in 2004.

Their myriad records, stage and screen appearances (and their individual solo careers) made them the foremost couple in the world of copla singing, and both were revered as national icons in Spain. Dolores, in particular, was renowned for usually winning the "battle of the sexes" that they artfully played out on stage in their singing "contests" - gaining a reputation for her "courage and fierceness" ["arrojo y una fiereza"].

By way of a tribute, here's the young Dolores:

...and here she is, much later, doing battle with a purple boa - and winning! - all the while being adored by her audience... [Excuse the quality of the video; it appears someone recorded this off the telly.]:

Que en paz descanse, Dolores Caballero Abril (9th May 1939 – 25th October 2020)


  1. "Ay Colon, Colon." Music for your next colonoscopy.

  2. Better a late Diva than no diva.
    Love the second video despite the quality
    and I love the way that after strangling the boa to death she dashes its lifeless body to the floor.

    1. As we all do, darling, in moments of pique. Jx


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