Monday 12 February 2024

Here comes the bride*

The shock of Monday is upon us...

How much do I hate the feeling that time always flits by in a flash at at the weekends, yet the working week seems to drag..?!

However, this week is indeed the last grim obstacle before we clack our castanets and bugger off to the Costa del Sol next Saturday, so let's grin and bear it, shall we?

To lift our spirits on this Tacky Music Monday, here's an exercise in campery of the first order - courtesy of the late, dearly departed Concha Velasco, her abanico-flapping chorines and lithe safety gays!

I was planning to take a similar outift with me to Spain, but the cabin bag allowance on EasyJet forbids it, unfortunately...

Have a good week, dear reader.

[*Novia = "Bride" in Spanish]


  1. Such a shame. That outfit is so you. Oh wait, were you talking about her outfit or one of the safety gays? The safety gays’ outfits are quite realistic except for the lack of matador crotch.

    1. The safety gays on all these television spectaculars are like drag queens, in my opinion - they've learned the art of "the tuck"... Jx

      PS Can you imagine swanning down the paseo in that frock?!

  2. I hear ya about the weekends and Monday's. That's why my next husband is going to be for loads of money....and not love or good sex.

    Ill be the next Anna Nicole Smith damn it.

    1. Anna Nicole Smith's dead, dear. Not really something to aspire to.

      I'm rather banking on a big Lottery win... Jx

  3. I'm not even in this game! Got my Main Man, given up on big bucks...

    1. If I want to get out of the rat race and retire (as I have practically no pension), the Lottery is my only salvation... Jx


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