Monday, 15 July 2019

Czech mate

Sigh. Monday again.

Worse, I had not only a disturbed night due to the screaming rows of our new next-door-neighbours, but the man who will be replacing our guttering was arriving at 8am, so I had to rush to get awake, showered and ready for the office before that. Double sigh.

Never mind, eh, it is a Tacky Music Monday, and I have a perfect pick-me-up!

Yesterday was the 80th birthday of the legendary Czech serenader Karel Gott, so what better way to kick off than with one of his - ahem - faboo routines?

All together, now!

Páni a paní, vím, jak se ruší žal.
Já tíhnu duší jen k Lady Karneval.
Já kdysi pannám, já ba i vdovám lhal.
Teď v srdci chovám jen Lady Karneval.

A s ní vchází do mě hřích nepoznán.
Tančí v bílých kamaších, je můj pán.
Život já bych za něj dal, ó, má Lady Karneval.
Mám tě rád, mám tě rád!

Šalalalalalala, šalalalalalala.
Šalalalalalala, šalalalalalala.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Have a good week, peeps!


  1. Has Boris Johnson moved in next door?

    1. Nah, they're Polish, not Circassian-Turkish-Lithuanian or wherever the various strands of Boris's family come from. And if the screaming arguments our neighbours are having are over a spilt glass of red wine, it really must have made her very angry indeed as they've been at it every night for weeks now... Jx

  2. How can I have lived 60 years and not have heard of Karel Gott. is the video from 'Transylvania's Got Talent ?

    1. I have posted him twice before, dear - here and here, but since both posts were a decade ago I am hardly surprised his name doesn't exactly spring to mind... Jx


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