Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Now piss orf!

RIP, Terence Graham Parry Jones. A genius.


  1. Replies
    1. In the words of John Cleese yesterday: "Two down, three to go!"


  2. He was wrong about his prediction they'd die in alphabetical order.

  3. Very sad news indeed. I saw the live shows Python did in 2014, and he looked a little lost. It was actually quite difficult to watch. Another of my childhood heroes gone. I shall raise a glass and listen to some of my Python records.

    1. Mrs Non-Smoker: "Oohh hello, Mrs Smoker."
      Mrs Smoker: "Hello Mrs Non-Smoker."
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "What, you been shopping then?"
      Mrs Smoker: "Nope ... I've been shopping!"
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "What d'you buy?"
      Mrs Smoker: "A piston engine!"
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "What d'you buy that for?"
      Mrs Smoker: "It was a bargain!"
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "How much d'you want for it?"
      Mrs Smoker: "Three quid!"
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "Done."
      Mrs Smoker: "Right. Thank you.2
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "How d'you cook it?2
      Mrs Smoker: "You don't cook it."
      Mrs Non-Smoker: "You can't eat that raw!"
      Mrs Smoker: "Ooooh ... never thought of that."



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