Monday 20 November 2023

If you go for tact and manners, better stay away from me

[Thanks, Dinah!]

Sigh. Monday again, and it's getting colder. And darker...

Let's brighten up proceedings, shall we, in the company of our Patron Saint of Ditziness, tomorrow's birthday girl, the irrepressible Miss Goldie Hawn?!

We. Love. Her.

Have a great week, dear reader!


  1. Replies
    1. She's just adorable - and quite obviously a very, very intelligent and talented woman whose "Ditz" persona made her millions! Jx

  2. Adorable, especially on this Monday. But how bad can it be, luckily it's a 3-day work week what with Thanksgiving on Thursday and a day off Friday. And yes I will drink to that!

    1. We don't "give thanks by eating turkey" here in the UK, so it's the same-old, same-old here, more's the pity. We don't have any bank holidays between the end of September and Xmas, nothing between New Year and Easter, then two in May and nothing all summer until September rolls around again. How mad is that? Jx

  3. You haven't seen my dancing...

  4. Goldie Hawn, adorable et douce fille.
    Elle illumine une journée.
    * d'Anjou

  5. Love that. Never seen it before. absolutely Joyous.
    Happy Birthday Ms. Hawn.

    1. I did post it @adecadeago, but regardless, it is a joy! Jx


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